UK Company + Bank Account


What are your options ?


Even though it has become relatively easy to register UK Ltd Company, the biggest task for the majority of applicants still remains opening of a business bank account for a UK company. While UK residents can benefit from FREE bank introduction as well as (in most cases) up to 2 years free banking it is becoming more and more difficult to open an account at all for non-UK residents (both EU and non-EU).


Most UK banks recently made it very difficult to open UK business bank account if at lest one of the Directors or Shareholders of the company is not a resident in the UK. The only exception in most cases remained where you could clearly demonstrate STRONG ties to the UK economy, for example, if majority of your clients are in the UK and you can provide evidence of this OR if you have trading history and can prove it to the bank manager. Alternatively, UK bank may decide to grant you a business account if you place a substantial deposit with the bank. Most of the exceptions remain a problem for a vast majority of non-UK resident applicants though.


At TradeFormation we realised this problem and secured some arrangements with major UK and EU banks in order to be able to open bank accounts for UK registered companies with beneficiaries from most countries and not just UK residents.



Here are your options

(depending on the place of your residence)

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