Register UK Public Limited Company (Plc)


Public Limited Company (or Plc) is a limited liability company that sells shares to the public in United Kingdom company law, in the Republic of Ireland and UK Commonwealth jurisdictions.


It can be either an unlisted or listed company on the stock exchanges. In the United Kingdom, a public limited company usually must include the words "public limited company" or its abbreviation "plc" at the end and as part of its legal company name. Welsh companies may instead choose to end their names with cwmni cyfyngedig cyhoeddus or c.c.c.



Register UK Public Limited Company (Plc)

(England & Wales or Scotland)



*including paper documents

What you get for this price.


When you just register a company using your own address and your own Directors, Secretary and Shareholders the following documents will be sent to you by post from us:


  1. Same day company registration (if submitted before 11am)
  2. Certificate of Incorporation (paper original)
  3. Memorandum and Articles of Association (paper original)
  4. Minutes of the first meeting of Directors (paper original)
  5. Share Certificate (paper original)
  6. Combined Register of members (paper original)


Minimum requirements to register UK company limited by shares

  • registered address in the UK

This can be your own address or you can use one of ours. Please, specify in the order form which of our addresses (if and) you're going to use. Please, note the address you are going to use (either your own or one of our addresses) will be known to goverment bodies and will be used by tax office in case they need to contact you. Therefore it may be a good idea to use one of our registered offices if you do not have physical office in the UK but rather going to use your home address.

  • two shareholders (natural persons or corporation)

Minimum two shareholders required and they can be corporate shareholders too. You are not limited however to a maximum number of shareholders at all and you can have a mixture of both types of shareholders (corporate bodies and natural persons).

  • two directors (at least one director - a natural person)

You must have at least one director a natural person, however there is no limit to a maximum number of directors you could have in your company as long as at least one of them is an individual.

  • Secretary

You must have at least one Secretary, a natural person.


The secretary must be qualified in one or more of the following ways:


  1. has held the office of secretary of a public company for at least three of the five years before their appointment; or
  2. is a barrister, advocate or solicitor called or admitted in any part of the United Kingdom; or
  3. is a person who, by virtue of his or her previous experience or membership of another body, appears to the directors to be capable of discharging the functions of secretary; or
  4. is a member of any of the following bodies:

- the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

- the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland

- the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland

- the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators

- the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

- the Chartered Institute of Management, or

- the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy.


Additionally you may order


Registration address in the UK

General Mailing address in the UK


Hard bound copy of company documents

Apostilled set of company documents

Certificate of Good Standing

Nominee Director/Secretary

Nominee Shareholder


Rubber Stamp

Pliers Seal

Desk Embossing Seal


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Please, specify in the order form which of the above or other services you require.


Share capital.


There is a minimum share capital for public limited companies: Before it can start business, it must have allotted shares to the value of at least £50,000. A quarter of them, £12,500, must be paid up. Each allotted share must be paid up to at least one quarter of its nominal value together with the whole of any premium.


Additional Info


Certified and Appostiled documents


If you need to use your documents to open a branch outside of the UK or to open a bank account in a foreign bank you will need your documents to be appostiled. Please, specify on the order form if any of the documents need to be appostiled at a time of the order to avoid delays in future. You may, however order appostiled copied of any of your company documents any time after registration of the company.


About Nominee services


By using nominee shareholder and nominee director you will avoid your name to be visible to general public as a beneficiary of the company through Company Registrar. Instead, the name of the nominee will be displayed as a director, shareholder or/and secretary. You will get General Powers of Attorney that will enable you to conduct business on behalf of your company and sign any documents as you would do if you were director/shareholder yourself. Your name will only appear in our Nominee Services Agreement which is an internal document kept in our files and your files.


Some questions that you might have before registering a company


Is there a minimum age under which an individual is barred from acting as a company director?


A director can not be appointed unless they are at least 16 years old.


Are company directors permitted to give a corporate address or PO Box number as an address?


A company officer is required to give both their usual residential address (URA) which will not be displayed on the public record and their service address which will be. The service address may be a corporate address.  In either case the addresses given must be a physical location, a PO Box number is unacceptable unless it forms part of a full address.


Can a PO Box be used for the Registered Office address?


Yes, provided the full address is given, including the postcode, and it is validated by the Royal Mail.


Is there a requirement that subscribers or officers of British limited companies be resident in the UK?


No. Subscribers or officers may be resident outside the UK.


What are the objects of a company?


The objects are what the company does.  New companies are considered to have unrestricted objects unless they specifically insert a clause in their articles detailing them.


Where can I find a set of Memorandum & Articles of Association?


Your copy of Memorandum and Articles will be provided by us without extra charge. These will be our standard documents with objects as discribed above. However, if you require specific objects to be inserted in your Memorandum and Articles we can arrange this to be done for additional charge of 50 GBP. Please, contact us with regards to this matter.


Are certificates given by the Registrar of Companies accepted for the purpose of issuing legalisation certificates?


Certificates issued by Companies House are stamped or electronically signed but they will not be accepted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for the purpose of issuing legalisation certificates.


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office require that documents must have the original signature or seal of a British public official (solicitor).


We can arrange those documents to be certified and/or appostiled for you. Please, specify in the order form if you require this service.


Sensitive words.


These are words and expressions which, when included in a company name, may imply business pre-eminence, a particular status or a specific function. For this reason, you must seek approval of the Secretary of State before the proposed company can be incorporated (or requesting a change to a company’s name). The aim is to ensure that the inclusion of the word is justified so that its use in the name does not mislead the public. Companies House administers the approval process on behalf of the Secretary of State.


Is there a list of sensitive words?


The words set out in Appendix A are prescribed under the ‘Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Business Names (Sensitive Words and Expressions) Regulations 2009 (SI No. 2615)’. To use these words you must obtain the support of the body shown in Table A and send it with the ‘Application to register a company’ (Form IN01) which will allow the Secretary of State to consider whether or not to approve the name.

The words set out in Appendix B are also prescribed under the above regulations. If you choose a name that includes any of these words you will need to write to the 'relevant body' to ask whether they have any objection to the proposed name and deliver a copy of the response with your application.


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