Hong Kong Company Formation


Advantages of registering of company in Hong Kong


One of the major advantages of Hong Kong non-resident company is that companies registered in Hong Kong are not considered to be offshore from the point of view of other governments and jurisdictions and therefore business with companies registered in Hong Kong is not normally limited by any government or bank. Yet, as a non-resident company you still benefit from 100% tax free regime for any profits obtained outside of the Hong Kong (called "offshore profit").


Key benefits of registering Hong Kong company:


- Hong Kong adopted British legal system as a background;

- English is an official legal language alongside with Chinese;

- Low tax rate for profits obtained on the territory of Hong Kong (16.5%);

- Tax exempt (0% Tax) for income obtained outside of Hong Kong (offshore income);

- Excellent option for assets holding company;

- Minimal setup requirements with only 1 director and 1 shareholder required;

- Director(s) and Shareholder(s) can be non-residents;

- Corporate directors and shareholders allowed;

- Ability to open bank account in Hong Kong;


To set up Bank Account in Hong Kong, please, refer to our bank accounts section OR specify in the order form that you require bank account as well. Alternatively, you may wish to set up bank account in Europe for your Hong Kong company. Please, specify in the online order form.


Complete package for Hong Kong company



What we need from you to register a company in Hong Kong?


  • details of at least One Director (natural person or company)
  • details of at least One Shareholder (natural person or company)



Our registration fee includes both Registered Office and Registered Agent in Hong Kong as well as all company documents.


*** For additional charge you may appoint our Nominee Directors or/and Shareholder. Please, specify in your order if you need nominees.


What you get for the above price


This complete package includes everything to meet registration requirements and to have your company registered with your own Director(s) and Shareholder(s). After registration you'll receive the following:


  1. Registered address and agent for 1 year
  2. Certificate of Registration
  3. Minutes of Meeting
  4. Share Certificates
  5. Memorandum and Articles of Association (2 copies)


Additional services and documents may be ordered too (including Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholder, Apostile of company documents etc.). Please, specify in the order form.


If you order Nominee Director, you will also receive:


  1. Agreement for Nominee Director and Indemnification of Nominee
  2. Power of Attorney


If you order Nominee Shareholder, you will also receive:


  1. Agreement for Nominee Shareholder and Indemnification of Nominees
  2. Declaration of Trust

Registration Process that we will perform on your behalf:

Once we receive your application, payment and all the details we will submit your company for registration and obtain Certificate of Incorporation from company registry in Hong Kong. We will also prepare all statutory company documents including 8 copies of memorandum of Association and Articles of Association as well as order company round rubber stamp and rectangular stamp for "authorised signatures" as well as pliers seal.


Preparation of all documents and company registration takes about 7 working days from when we receive all forms that we prepare for you, signed by yourself. Once registered, we will receive all your company documents at our head office in London. We will then forward all documents to you or you may just collect them from our office.


Every year we will remind you about renewal of your company in advance and help you prepare all statutory reports for your company. Also, if you need anything after your company registration (be it any additional documents or advice) please, feel free to contact us.



Annual Renewal


Every year you have to renew your company to continue trading and to keep your company in Good Standing.


The cost of Annual Renewal is 1200 GBP and includes:


  1. Registered address for the next 1 year
  2. Registered agent for the next 1 year
  3. Government Fees


Additional Charges


  1. Annual Accounting is due first time 18 months from registration and then annually. The cost is from 850 GBP for non-trading company and from 1500 GBP for trading company.


If you ordered Nominee services, these have to be also paid for according to your original order.



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