Company in Gibraltar


Due Diligence Requirements (click here to show/hide details)

Complete package for Gibraltar non-resident Limited Company



What we need from you to register a company Gibraltar ?


  • details of at least One Shareholder (natural person or company)
  • details of at least One Director (natural person or company. Can be the same as Director.)
  • details of at least One Secretary (natural person or company. If Director and Shareholder is the same person/company, then Secretary MUST be different person or our Nominee)


What documents do you need to supply ?

Each Director/Shareholder/Beneficiary will need to send us the following:


  • certified copy of passport
  • certified proof of address and personal finance (private bank statement OR utility bill + employment agreenment/contract OR similar)
  • professional reference from accountant or lawyer who know you for at least 2 year
  • details about your new business, projected turnovers and sales





Our registration fee includes both Registered Office and Registered Agent in Gibraltar as well as all company documents.


*** For additional charge you may appoint our Nominee Director or/and Shareholder. Please, specify in the order form if you need nominees.

What you get for the above price


This complete package includes everything to meet registration requirements and to have your company registered with your own Director(s) and Shareholder(s). After registration you'll receive the following:


  1. Registered address and agent for 1 year
  2. Certificate of Incorporation
  3. Memorandum and Articles of Association
  4. Minutes of the first meeting of Directors
  5. Share Certificates
  6. Combined Register of members


Additional services and documents may be ordered too (including Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholder). Please, specify on the order form.

Annual Renewal


Every year you have to renew your company to continue trading and to keep your company in Good Standing.


The cost of Annual Renewal is 400 GBP and includes:


  1. Registered address for the next 1 year
  2. Registered agent for the next 1 year


Additional Charges


If you ordered Nominee services, these have to be also paid for according to your original order.


Advantages of company in Gibraltar


Minimal formation requirements

Only one Director and one Shareholder required and this may be a natural person or a corporate body. The same person (company) can be both Director and Shareholder.


Time scale

Incorporation of Gibraltar Limited Company takes about 2 weeks from receipt of the documents.



Non-resident companies are free of tax on income not derived from Gibraltar or not remitted to Gibraltar. Money held in a bank in Gibraltar by a non-resident company is taxable; it is advisable to have your bank account outside of Gibraltar.



There is no requirement to disclose the identity of the Beneficial Owner of a Gibraltar Non-Resident Company and secrecy is guaranteed by legislation. Confidentiality in Gibraltar is taken extremely seriously. Only by order of the Supreme Court on the suspicion that the company is involved in serious criminal activity, may the name of the Beneficial Owners be disclosed.


Paid up capital is not required

It is not required to have any minimum paid-up capital in order to start its business operations. Any amount of authorized capital can be stated in the IBC formation documents, as per equirements of the owners.


What it costs


Registration of a company itself costs 1'350 GBP. Depending on what other services you require, the overal cost may differ. Our prices are all inclusive of any taxes and fees and there are no hidden charges. Summery of our prices is on the right hand side, however please read through the order form carefully to make sure you pick everything you need.


What you get.


The following documents will be sent to you by courier post:


  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Memorandum and Articles of Association
  3. Minutes of the first meeting of Directors
  4. Share Certificates and Register of Members


When you order nominee services you also get:


  1. Power of Attorney from nominee director/shareholder
  2. Indemnity form
  3. Nominee services agreement


Certified and Appostiled documents


If you require Certificate of Incorporation to be apostilled, please, specify it on the order form at a time of the order to avoid delays in future. You may, however order appostiled copied of any of your company documents any time after registration of the company.


About Nominee services


Nominee shareholder and nominee director services also available if required. Please, specify on the order form if you require any of these.




Aside from the perfect weather, the obvious outdoor attractions, and the relaxed friendly lifestyle, Gibraltar has fiscal attractions as well.


If you're considering a move to Gibraltar, or you'd like to own a business here, Gibraltar offers you some very compelling reasons so far as tax advantage goes. Owning a business is a bit different than your personal business, but Gibraltar can offer some advantages there as well, if you're inclined to operate in concert with another Gibraltar business.


If you are seriously considering the establishment of a new residence, you're going to find that your tax load is a great deal lighter than it might be elsewhere, whether its personal income taxes or estate planning, or business building.


Gibraltar does NOT have:


� Inheritance Tax

� Capital Gains Tax

� Wealth Tax


� Stamp Duty


What this means to you is that Gibraltar is a truly excellent area to offer you lowered costs on anything of a personal  nature that you might like to undertake here.


Different categories  of taxation offer different advantages to the newcomer to Gibraltar. For example, category 2 status means that your tax liability is limited to just £23,000. To those who may have a higher income, this is a remarkable saving.


If you are taxed elsewhere based on your country of origination, or your nationality, the residence on Gibraltar may not be exactly what you need to help you establish those new tax rates. It is for the most part, however, the residence that dictates the tax rates that you are constrained to pay, and Gibraltar can offer most people substantial savings on their overall tax bill at year end.