Register UK Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)


A UK LLP's members have a collective responsibility, to the extent that they may agree in an "LLP agreement", but no individual responsibility for each other's actions. As with a limited company or a corporation Members in an LLP cannot, in the absence of fraud or wrongful trading, lose more than they invest.


In relation to tax, however, a UK LLP is similar to a partnership: it is tax transparent or pass-through, that is to say it pays no UK tax but its Members do pay taxes in relation to the income or gains they receive through the LLP.


Register UK limited partnership

(England & Wales or Scotland)



What you get for this price.


When you just register a company using your own address and your own Directors and Shareholders the following documents will be sent to you electronically by e-mail from us:


  1. Same day company registration (if submitted before 11am)
  2. Certificate of Incorporation (paper original)
  3. Agreement of partners (paper original)
  4. Minutes of the first meeting of Members (paper original)
  5. Share Certificates (paper original)
  6. Combined Register of members (paper original)


Minimum requirements to register UK limited partnership

  • registered address in the UK

This can be your own address or you can use one of ours. Please, specify in the order form which of our addresses (if and) you're going to use. Please, note the address you are going to use (either your own or one of our addresses) will be known to goverment bodies and will be used by tax office in case they need to contact you. Therefore it may be a good idea to use one of our registered offices if you do not have physical office in the UK but rather going to use your home address.

  • two member

Minimum two members required to register an LLP and minimum two members have to be designated members of LLP.

  • two designated members

Designated members act on behalf of LLP alike directors in LTD. They have an obligation to maintain recors and submit reports as well as perform certain tasks. If designated members are not specified then all members of LLP are considered to be designated and consecutively responsible for reporting and partnership tasks.

Additionally you may order


Registration address in the UK

General Mailing address in the UK


Hard bound copy of company documents

Apostilled set of company documents

Certificate of Good Standing

Nominee Members

Nominee Designated Members


Rubber Stamp

Pliers Seal

Desk Embossing Seal


Prices are on the right hand side column


Please, specify in the order form which of the above or other services you require.


Advantages of LLP


  • liability of each member of LLP is limited to the amount of investment
  • unlimited objects/capathity (no specific objects specified)
  • each member is taxed individually on its share of income of partnership


Reporting requirements


Despite LLP being itself not subject to taxation, annual tax return must be submitted annually for informational purpuses.


Annual return needs to be submitted to Company Registrar every year too.


Additional Info


Certified and Appostiled documents


If you need to use your documents to open a branch outside of the UK or to open a bank account in a foreign bank you will need your documents to be appostiled. Please, specify on the order form if any of the documents need to be appostiled at a time of the order to avoid delays in future. You may, however order appostiled copied of any of your company documents any time after registration of the company.


About Nominee services


By using nominee Members you will avoid your name to be visible to general public as a beneficiary of the company through Company Registrar. Instead, the name of the nominee will be displayed as a member. You will get General Powers of Attorney that will enable you to conduct business on behalf of your partnership and sign any documents as you would do if you were a Member yourself. Your name will only appear in our Nominee Services Agreement which is an internal document kept in our files and your files.



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